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A Sarcoids Timescale – ish…

I’m really glad that sometimes folks do actually ask me about Sarcoidosis, though I think I’ve never mentioned the erm, so-called timescales, let me try…

Up to six months is usually diagnosis and for most who get this shit it leaves within about this period of time.

Up to 12 months, by now some pretty strong drugs are being given, usually started by massive dosages followed by slow reduction.

Up to 24 months, the drugs usually work and the body adjusts back to some kind of normality but, damage by the sarcoid remains.

Up to 5 years, this is a tough one as by now the ‘sarcoid’ has fallen into a period of ‘the medics really do not know what to do’ and that is not their fault. Sarcoidosis is very rare, especially after this distance of time. More drugs are tried, including chemotherapy types.

Up to 8 years, the drugs are as bad as the sarcoidosis, especially if, whats the point.

Up to 10 years, not alot is known but sarcoids can and do live beyond this timescale.

Up to erm, haven’t a fucking clue.

The mind games are bonkers, drugs are taken to try help with that. The mind say’s you can do something but you just can’t, but try indeed.

Sarcoidosis, it isn’t a battle to conquer it, we hope it simply fucks off, as it can but, the body remains damaged and does not recover, partly due to the long term usage of drugs.

My beard is getting shorter, that’s been mentioned a few times but, I will carry on writing about sarcoidosis as not many do, especially after so long.

I’ve changed alot since the below video, now a very old 53 years of age and tired.

Fuck it!!!

Sarcoid by Stuart Briggs

The only song on this planet we call earth about Sarcoidosis – and it is terrific! So, if you happen to StumbleUpon this post then please do share and pass the word around…

Am I bonkers, you bet I am

Maybe I never recovered from, from when I once returned home from work and found another bloke in my house with a quilt on the floor? Anyway, Try like I might for the past 12 years yet it has been one problem after another, fail after fail, and now the housing association want my home back because of the arrears that the benefits are refusing to pay? More than ever does this song mean absolutely what it states…

Positive Know

This song, well riff, has been on my mind for a couple of years, finally put some lyrics together for it! yet another Stusrt Briggs classic and waiting to be signed up, erm… I read the words from the bottom up, they sort fit, once its been played a few times then I will re-master it, ha…

During the week I had a reminder

Let me cut some shit out. A good few years ago I drank myself through about £10k, my closest pals know as do some of my family, they were well upset – as you can imagine. I certainly know what its like to be ‘boozing’ too much. That there deepest of holes takes some getting out of, some of us? do, it takes time, ‘guts’ and patience. This is the article I wrote, all facts, and the below video is all about those times, though wrote and recorded a few years later. Listen to the full song, I’m still a hearing it!!!

Did you hear how empty my flat sounds?! Thankfully I got rid of that memory full guitar. Weight loss through sarcoidosis. I dropped to 8 stone and then put on weight through the good, bad and ugly Pred. It is not a lengthy blog as I see no point in trying to say what I know and for many others to guess and carry on guessing… Save on utilities here.

Holding on the 12 String

First attempt at this Stuart Briggs masterpeace on the 12 string, not too bad really, a little iffy at first but once into it then it really touches certain nerves, recorded on fathers day 2013…

Tell you what again

Iv so much to write, about so much! but, this has been the coldest winter in ages, in longer than my 48 years, its my first winter working while being a rare sarcoid, this past week iv been learning some pretty tough new skills at work, enjoyed, its been a superb challenge, but then I get home and just need to regenerate my own heat and eventually hit the bed.

Lets have a reminder of the weather towards the end of March 2013…

What appear like hot ash plunging to earth is simply my phones flash against the falling snow.

What appears like a street light is simply the flash against the near horizontal snowing!

Yet the same week in March 2012 I performed the following song, my own song about Sarcoidosis, the only song about sarcoidosis on our gorgeous planet, aptly named too…

Memories of a gorgeous March day.

I’ll Find

My own composition titled I’ll Find. Maybe its a thought of I’ll find inner peace by piece, or should that be I’ll find inner piece by peace? either way both are a good road to finding inner space…

A little early to be recording yet the mood was right!

Led Zeppelin’s Rock and Roll, on acoustic!

A very different version was required, so here it is.


What is a sarcoid? my very own song about living with sarcoidosis, it must be the only one on the planet, have a look and spread the news about sarcoid, enjoy the video – great sounds at the end of what is a sarcoid being cut down!