During the week I had a reminder

Let me cut some shit out. A good few years ago I drank myself through about £10k, my closest pals know as do some of my family, they were well upset – as you can imagine. I certainly know what its like to be ‘boozing’ too much. That there deepest of holes takes some getting out of, some of us? do, it takes time, ‘guts’ and patience. This is the article I wrote, all facts, and the below video is all about those times, though wrote and recorded a few years later. Listen to the full song, I’m still a hearing it!!!

Did you hear how empty my flat sounds?! Thankfully I got rid of that memory full guitar. Weight loss through sarcoidosis. I dropped to 8 stone and then put on weight through the good, bad and ugly Pred. It is not a lengthy blog as I see no point in trying to say what I know and for many others to guess and carry on guessing… Save on utilities here.

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