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Veganuary, yes it’s over!

You know, I really don’t mind folks going through diet fads and stuff but, the likes of the extreme veganisms can drive me nuts. It’s like, do as we do or you are a twat, hmmm…

So I shall keep this within a short reasoning.

I know someone who did over 10 years trying her best to live the vegan. She started cycling and really struggled with her recovery energy levels. Tried the medics and what not, without any answers to help, so (skipping the vegetarianism) she want back onto the chicken, within a short period of time and within what could be called reason – most meats, she started to feel much better and the main thing – she started to look much healthier.

Then someone else I know went to the extreme and sure enough the weight dropped off but, though she harps on to everyone how healthy she is now eating, unfortunately she doesn’t look as healthy as before, terrible shame but hey.

Where was I? Because veganism is getting ever more popular scientists can now get data stating how a long term vegan diet is starting to damage their health, it is here. Have a read as I’m not going to retype it all.

Saving the planet the vegans say, so look, methane is about 10% of the village named earths pollution and that’s here. A vegan lifestyle predominately means they shouldn’t use anything produced by animals. Right, so it comes to clothing and items, ‘mostly’ manufactured synthetically, take another look at the above pollution chart.

Rant over.

Obviously I’m going to say this is only my opinion but facts say otherwise.

Twitter Prison

Twitter limited my account for this –

“fuck off #DavidLammy I’m sick of your #hypocrisy within my old party @UKlabour”

I’m now out of their prison. Oh how the elitist left media fuckwits are restricting opinions yet the extreme leftism’s can pretty much say what they want!

This is why I posted the above mentioned tweet, the following is from Lammy –

“Rod Liddle having a column in one of Britain’s foremost weekly newspapers is a national disgrace, as well as the walking, living, breathing personification and definition of white middle class privilege” here is the Liddle article

Yet in 2012 –

“David Lammy MP says absent fathers ‘key cause of knife crime'” here

What a total hypocritical twat David Lammy is.

I no longer like…

UK Labour Party
Richard Branson
Posh Hippies
Sky News
Middle Class Leftism
Bob Geldof
JK Rowling
Happy Clappers
Gary Lineker
Tony Blair
Extreme Veganists
Owen Jones

Oh and…

Fathers day
Mothers day
Valentines day
My birthday
The festive season days

More to add I’m sure.

Things that make me, or you go FFS

More than ever a trend is arising, of folks whom, if you do not agree with them then, you are erm, a far right discriminatory type. Usually these folks are those on the fascist Lib-Left as anything right of them does not fit their agenda. It’s getting so annoying.

Why are those folks getting so upset at opinions? Anyway, some of the things that do my head in, in no particular order…

  • Folks joining eating trends rather than a dietary need.
  • LGBT qrsuvwxyz + as they want to be special and get upset easily.
  • Religion, I hate all but one is treated special, that’s annoying.
  • The dammed Political Correctness brigade, shhh.
  • Getting old alone.
  • Me, myself and I.
  • Noisy neighbours!
  • Happy clapping tree hugging folks living in a bubble.
  • Chin up, pull yourself together perspective twats.
  • In hindsight then it could have been, hindsight is shit.
  • Fake news!
  • Opinionated news channels rather than impartial; BBC, etc.
  • The dammed EU remain remoaner lots.
  • Elitism of any kind.

I have more, it’s just so frustrating as the working classes know.


Tommy Robinson – Clearing up an Opinion.

Aka – Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon…

Right, that’s the name sorted! You see, because of my opinion’s on so many front’s it has recently been mentioned I’m possibly into fascism. Well, I follow all sorts of folks and their opinions. One thing I find very amusing, when challenged some folks do not realise fascism was originally a Leftism ideology concern.

Where were we? Ah yes, fascism. Fascism is making a slow return to the left, the Owen Jones type’s, they are targeting those who mainly do not understand it, it is harming my beloved Labour party, but that’s still another damming story.

Tommy Robinson was reporting outside Leeds Crown court on the verdicts to a grooming gang of paedophiles (the trial had finished), oh and this link is amazingly from the BBC here…

Go on, have a watch of the following video, I watched it then, through curiosity, go on…

Eh up, maybe you did watch the clip, well, a lengthy clip! Now then, obviously and at he end of the video, he got arrested. it’s now known within a few hours he was in prison to 13 months – why can they not do this with paedophiles?

If you have got this far, why not view another lengthy video of Tommy Robinson question and answers at the Oxford Union event, I dare you, listen to the hostile audience change through the “interview” and by the end the cheering, go on, don’t be a bigot and have a watch before judging…

My word have you done well! Hang on, Tommy Robinson discriminates against the community of the LGBTQ rsuvwxyz – pun! Yet again have you actually viewed another video of him interviewing transgender journalist Zuzanna Mroz, you see, the bigoted hardcore fascist left will ignore this, but if you have got this far then a massive thanks, please watch the interview…

That is a great interview.

You see, I am not a fascist, certainly not a bigot. I do not hate many things in life but fascism is certainly at the top of the short list as are bigots. I do believe in freedom of opinion as in speech, providing no hatred or harm is intended to anyone.

If you got this far, then you probably agree with me?

I just zig-zag down the middle which is breast.

Fuck knows.

Armoured Street Patrol Vehicles

Well, I mentioned this a very long time ago, to a few. When I first learned about the amount of armoured street patrol vehicles (not tanks!), it was about 500. Unfortunately I just can not find my information from back then so.

The first report below here mentions up to 600 of these vehicles, to ensure national security. This stuff just keeps getting ignored, it is available to find but folks are simply ignoring this massive model of looking after the homelands?! For me that doesn’t take much working out. Oh, the link…


Ahhh you think eh, but within a short period of years the armoured street patrol vehicles order is now climbing (why?!). Why is this not being reported mainstream? Yet again I have my opinions. For me you see the happy clapping tree hugging do gooder and relatively wealthy lot’s are out of touch in their nice out of touch bubbles.

A tangent but I have decided not to vote again, I’m usually a Labour ‘fan’ but they no longer represent me, myself and I. I voted to leave the EU and I still would, I’ve wanted out since 1984. My patience is diminished with politically correct lovely’s but I do not hate them, I do not hate anyone apart from child abusers of any form from anywhere. Oh, the latest order for armoured street patrol vehicles, yep it’s now about 800…


Make what you think of it but folks are fed up of the fascist environment that the United Kingdom has become, not left, not right – it’s you lot wanting everything your own way, you controlling lot well, you’re all the same.

Election May 3rd 2018

For the first time since I can remember I did not vote. I’m disillusioned with politics and need to get away from it all. I’m not into the wings of left or right etc. I’m simply somewhere down the middle and as it stands no one party represents my views’ I would usually vote Labour but they have gone too extreme for my liking and obviously I would not vote for the chaos that are the Tory party.

In all honesty I might well not vote again – not through death! I do not see anything on the horizon worth looking forward to, a new party perhaps? I voted to leave the EU as I have wanted out since 1984 and would still vote leave, the writing on that bus did not make any difference to my thoughts. As for the BBC phew, It is still my favourite channel but the biased news programs against Brexit are amazing. The amount of “bull” they give Donald Trump is unreal and Diane Abbott thinks she has it bad, I can not vote for Labour while she is also on the front bench even though she has had health issues.

A strong leader is required and I can not see one arriving anytime soon in this Political Correctness world we are ever more living in, especially the United Kingdom.

Politics, I’m done with but will still view various news…


What is an extreme political party person?

This type of fascist person is someone who appears to have very open views? They will try to start by brainwashing folks – mainly the insecure ones. They will try to convince them that their views they hand out are open minded telling you to slate anyone who thinks differently to your opinion.

Usually they are the first to use discrimination as a form of defence. This old fashioned out of date left middle right ‘wing’ type of person will not only aim at the insecure but those who might find themselves in some sort of minority or maybe craving attention. These 21st century fascists are so arrogant they will try to convince you it is others that are wrong because others do not agree with their ideology. Their pretence is well camouflaged and will make you think they are caring, yes they are, but only for themselves…

Maybe now, the time is arriving when the people should be understanding that these selfish single minded fuckers need to fuck right off.

Fascism is everywhere.
Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP

June the 8th

After the vermin terror attack in Manchester the political parties are going to continue voting campaigns – they have to do. I would like to have seen more condemnation from the hard left liberal lot but hey…

So, just to say that I will be voting Labour as I do. I do not like many of the current shadow leadership, I’m not a hard left liberal type, I’m a Labour supporter with many opinions on ‘our’ party. It is such a shame that not only is the Labour party divided more than ever but also the Labour party’s members and supporters, I’ve had friends fall out with me simply because I disagree with their Labour ideologies, many of those folks have not condemned the terrible attack on Monday night, OK as that is their choice, as are my opinions.

Politics are changing and most certainly many of the Labour party members and supporters need to understand this – if you want it all your own way without accepting others opinions, then you seriously are going down the fascist route – as is terrorism.

Who, what are the working class in the UK

A tricky one? The goal-posts always get moved by those in and out of power. I’m going to be quite conservative about this and say those on around or under £10/hour fall into the working classes. Through my opinion I will try explain this.

Various reports suggest the United Kingdoms average wage in 2017 is in the region of £27k/year, that is huge and certainly not working class. I believe you can not put a working class wage into yearly, as most of those on low income will work as much overtime as possible. So lets say a round figure of the £10/hr.

Many self employed folks who employ others would ask who should pay this rate, yet those business owners would have five or six ‘flashy’ holidays a year, they would have three or four ‘posh’ meals a week, so, lets leave it at that. No, lets say they have one less brilliant expensive holiday per year, one less ‘everything you can eat’ meal out a week, also the obvious other things that being wealthy brings? and share it with the small work force.

The working class certainly are not those who moan and complain they are struggling yet can have some of the finest materialistic personal and home items, pointless trying to mention everything but they have all the top technology items, more than one Suburban Utility Vehicle, far larger home than they need, having more than one – any type of home! So much more that I’m sure most of you will recognise someone like this yourselves.

Who, what are the working class of the UK. yes it certainly is a tricky one but I would say no political party truly represents those working class folks. June the 8th 2017 has caused alot of conflict between friends, the conflict is usually within my party, the Labour party I support, but it has lost its way. Those who work in the public sector on lets say at least the given average wage of £27k/year, you most certainly are not working class, this also goes for the private sector but it seems to be the public sector lot on very nice packages that complain the most.

Just a little example, those junior doctors strikes, they always seemed to be smiling while doing the strikes…
Doc strike

While many miners were…


Welsh Office, Cardiff - 30 July 1984. Women and children demonstrating against £15 being deducted  from striking miners’ benefit in lieu of strike pay (which was not being paid).

Welsh Office, Cardiff – 30 July 1984.
Women and children demonstrating against £15 being deducted from striking miners’ benefit in lieu of strike pay
(which was not being paid).

No one represents the working classes anymore. We have the pretend poor living in the poverty of their own comfortable bubble.