Veganuary, yes it’s over!

You know, I really don’t mind folks going through diet fads and stuff but, the likes of the extreme veganisms can drive me nuts. It’s like, do as we do or you are a twat, hmmm…

So I shall keep this within a short reasoning.

I know someone who did over 10 years trying her best to live the vegan. She started cycling and really struggled with her recovery energy levels. Tried the medics and what not, without any answers to help, so (skipping the vegetarianism) she want back onto the chicken, within a short period of time and within what could be called reason – most meats, she started to feel much better and the main thing – she started to look much healthier.

Then someone else I know went to the extreme and sure enough the weight dropped off but, though she harps on to everyone how healthy she is now eating, unfortunately she doesn’t look as healthy as before, terrible shame but hey.

Where was I? Because veganism is getting ever more popular scientists can now get data stating how a long term vegan diet is starting to damage their health, it is here. Have a read as I’m not going to retype it all.

Saving the planet the vegans say, so look, methane is about 10% of the village named earths pollution and that’s here. A vegan lifestyle predominately means they shouldn’t use anything produced by animals. Right, so it comes to clothing and items, ‘mostly’ manufactured synthetically, take another look at the above pollution chart.

Rant over.

Obviously I’m going to say this is only my opinion but facts say otherwise.

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