BBC License Fee

Ah, folks are leaving the British Broadcasting Cooperation by the millions, same here. Oh but now, they are asking the over 75 year old pensioners to pay and not get the license free, OK if rich and posh but not OK for the poor. Obviously the United Kingdom has an ageing population, the BBC know this so therefore this is a way for them to recoup much of that lost revenue.

Let us think about this. Including the BBC certain MSM are reporting that older folks who voted to leave the European Union are passing away pretty quickly, therefore saying a peoples vote should happen – it wont, yet the BBC are hoping the older generation will have to start paying that stupid fee, hence relying on a few million of them to counter the mass leavers, from the BBC!

I hate the British Broadcasting Cooperation and find it all so hypocritical.

Abandon the license fee, just stop paying and fuck them.


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