Armoured Street Patrol Vehicles

Well, I mentioned this a very long time ago, to a few. When I first learned about the amount of armoured street patrol vehicles (not tanks!), it was about 500. Unfortunately I just can not find my information from back then so.

The first report below here mentions up to 600 of these vehicles, to ensure national security. This stuff just keeps getting ignored, it is available to find but folks are simply ignoring this massive model of looking after the homelands?! For me that doesn’t take much working out. Oh, the link…

Ahhh you think eh, but within a short period of years the armoured street patrol vehicles order is now climbing (why?!). Why is this not being reported mainstream? Yet again I have my opinions. For me you see the happy clapping tree hugging do gooder and relatively wealthy lot’s are out of touch in their nice out of touch bubbles.

A tangent but I have decided not to vote again, I’m usually a Labour ‘fan’ but they no longer represent me, myself and I. I voted to leave the EU and I still would, I’ve wanted out since 1984. My patience is diminished with politically correct lovely’s but I do not hate them, I do not hate anyone apart from child abusers of any form from anywhere. Oh, the latest order for armoured street patrol vehicles, yep it’s now about 800…

Make what you think of it but folks are fed up of the fascist environment that the United Kingdom has become, not left, not right – it’s you lot wanting everything your own way, you controlling lot well, you’re all the same.

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