How to make a huge salad sandwich easy

So much is mentioned about folks getting the five per day, erm, obviously not sex, that would be more like one per five years! no, the mind drifts, im talking the biggest best salad sandwich that will give you between two and three of your five per day, just follow these messy guidelines, all for about £2 and you wont go wrong!

All you need is four slices of long lasting type brown bread, wholemeal I think its called, hmmm, all supermarkets call it differing names – obviously! oh, and butter a side each, not both sides now, and just throw loads of sweet crispy salad on there, don’t be shy!

These salad sandwiches are nice and fat, the problems now start with just trying to drop them into the tub, they do slide about a little due to the quantity of the honey and mustard dressing, but it only has a couple of days before it turns to penicillin and so you well understand that it needs using, using up…!

The end game would result in one winner, the lid with the sheer force on my helping it, these are huge and tasty sandwiches, can you smell them, hmmm, oh, its my chicken and mash in the oven.

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