I Best be Clear eh…

Few week ago I posted a quote, which was something like ‘I’m not afraid of death, but I’m scared of living’ hmmm, illness and death are not a competition. I have some ‘things’ bothering me, yes as I get older I remember more – stuff. In the mid 70’s my right hand got pulled into rollers at Dockmill Wool Scouring. Thankfully ‘dad’ was there to hit the stop button, if not, I would have gone into the machine. Why the fuck he took me there ffs.

The next one is being knocked off my bicycle in 1999 at the main Guiseley roundabout. I was on my way to work at AETC LTD in Yeadon, I had a job application in my bag, so – as a cyclist’ do. I shouted – screamed, the driver (woman from Otley) pulled over and we exchanged details. Folks at the bus stop witnessed it, but I didn’t take their details.

So, I rode on the backroads, handed in my job application, went to do my usual job and then the shock? caught up. It was a late shift 14:00 – 22:00.

I phoned my ex wife to please come and pick me up (it was a year before I passed my driving test), she couldn’t or couldn’t be arsed, but our sons were only of five and three, so that I have never held against her. Being of a cyclist’ I did ride home, battered bike, fucked body but I rode home, nice sympathy – not, anyways.

It went to court and I won – got a family holiday to Formentera. These days it would be a massive payout. Right, when knocked off my bicycle I remembered a vehicle going straight for my head, it stopped, that was harder than being knocked off.

For various reasons I know why these are bothering me, I have many other troubling events.

Illness and death is not a competition – it happens.

Oh, I got that job I applied for at AETC. Production Supervisor, but my position seemed mainly to do with improvements, which led on to a job I loved in Burnley. Then again, life fucks up.

Mind, some great folks were there.

Still is.

Hope that clears up something?


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