So much going on in the UK, erm, World.

What is most important news at the moment in the UK? Everything it seems. In no particular order, but why oh why do the wealthy – very wealthy, do everything possible to avoid paying tax? They have so much wealth that paying due tax just wouldn’t cause a hole in their fortunes. Get the tax off them and bail out the steel industry, I mean, the banks got bailed out for £billions, bailing out the steel would be nowhere near as expensive as the dammed banks.

Mind you, Jeremy Corbyn has mentioned that the trident submarines can be used without the missiles, huh? Come on Jeremy, lets abandon trident altogether. build a third aircraft carrier, support ships etc. and have two permanent carrier groups, this is the way the world is going, one nuke launched could mean the end of the world. So, three carrier groups, two permanent, fully equipped with £billions to spare, to help the steel, NHS, poverty in the UK…

IDS resigning, what can be said? Good riddance, but now its waiting time with baited breath how sideways the Crabb will move.

Europe, I will vote out, always been in so time for a change.

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