Testing for sleep apnea

A few times I woke during the night and felt like something was wrong, I told my main sarcoid consultant and he referred me to the sleep clinic, in years gone by patients had to spend nights in hospital testing for sleep problems, this new piece of kit that I had to wear is called an ARES machine, and yes you must be careful with the spelling! and so I had to spend a few nights in this head gear.

Apparently it test’s for lots of potential problems but certainly its not a dream catcher! I reckon it is better than spending nights in hospital being tested, although the machine does talk to you during the night “You may now adjust the unicorn on your forehead” and it repeats until you do, it says other things but to be honest I can not remember. It has three sensors on the forehead and a nasal cannula which also acts as a sensor. Awaiting results, im sure it will be fine.

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