Those feet are made for walking

You know the old tune; ‘one of these days they gonna walk all over you’ erm, I forget who it were though? mind you, along with my colourful affray of little cotton socks, well they kind of fit with my superb colour schemes…

To be honest I think they look brilliant, its just to carry some of the true senses through surely! there again, on the inside my feet are not healing just like they should, even with the comfy Doc Martens, its a sarcoid thing, but I have the comfiest pads possible, soon to pick up the prescription cream too…

We must remember that exercising sarcoidosis – within reason – is a very good positive, since getting into work again I need to walk about 50 minutes per day, yes its hard on the feet but we getting that sorted, another benefit is that it helps control the prednisolone weight, as does a decent diet!

I guess they must even be hardly noticed while a toe job happened, hmmm, erm, well a job to clean between the toes – yummy!

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