Extracting a tooth while being a sarcoid and its treatments

So this is where today and my appointment at the Leeds dental institute brought me; We’re not doing the op, I thought it were just minor, turns out it would have been much more!? its too dangerous, so we will see other options but they would also be reluctant to either bridge or insert a post, both can very easily cause infection.

If they now pull the tooth then the bone wont fill with blood and heal properly, that then spreads which can cause my face to collapse, that’s due to the meds and sarcoid, If they take me off the pred my lungs and hilar lymph nodes fill up in no time so we keeping me on 10mg prednisolone until Jan 14th and then see? its not just the pred, its also the alendronic acid and the phosphors? that are now in my body. Its not a problem, we can take the tooth below the gum and then sort it, im more bothered about a denture flying out when I get performing again!

And so to keep some colour on my feet!

Nice socks again!

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