Know the correct time to wash up

It has been asked many times how I do so well in keeping my bills down? First of all, I joined The utility Warehouse and then actually joined the Utility Warehouse ‘family’ erm, though I have not managed to get anyone to join, yet. OK, maybe I might not be a salesman, but I know how to keep my bills low! Please follow this step by step guide on one of the ways to help keep your bills low – er! Check those banners on the erm, left!

Washing up 1
First of all, you need to make sure enough pretty naughty, er, dirty stuff has built up. In this case I had plenty of room on the kitchen top’s but ran out of plates, pans, pots, and the rest, otherwise…

I didn’t show the sink hole filling up, that could have been dangerous.

Washing up 2
I start with glass, then the sharp hunting equipment, followed by cups, small pottery, leading to bigger pottery with hard on shapes positioned on top.

Washing up 3
So, it really doesn’t mean shove everything where they might balance, its actually important to make sure everything can really fit into one. Where possible, and nice and easy, get it all up on top.

Washing up 2
As you slowly start to withdraw in the correct order, do take much care not to pull off anything underneath? Erm, what do you mean this looks like the building up to it photo, huh…

Washing up 4
As with most ‘clean’ folks, do ensure everything has been cleaned and wiped afterwards, this is essential due to potential spreading of, erm, still thinking.

Washing up 5
Erm yes, sink hole problems. Thank you for your time in viewing this very important arsticle.

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