Actually, it is me.

This is the most up to date capture of me, myself and I. The realisation is that I think I have hit a late midlife crises. I got rid of all my home mirrors, I rarely let any kind of ‘shots’ be taken of me, I only see myself in a pub mirror. Below, Royal Air Force 1983…

And so I am sharing, this year I have spent so much time in bed, I must avoid becoming a reclusive hermit again. The bearded photo were taken by a top friend who I met about five years or so ago and I must remind myself I have actually come a long way within that time.

So, I am 59 July 27th, I’m giving myself some kind of agenda to target (I dont do plans as plans can fail, agendas can be worked through), by the time of my 60th I am going to try get something creative published.

On this site I have some great stuff, as mentioned before, and maybe try actually do something with it plus the new ‘stuff’ I am thinking out loud about.

Mind you, I have bought new jumpers, shirts, socks. shoes, coats, jackets and my favorites, lots of hats, though I hate folks trying to touch and lift them off, not good.

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