Good Grief

I really need to stop giving my contact details out.

An upto date photo of good looking me myself and I should be here, I’ve gone and forgotten how to do it, fucks sake.

Twitter Defends paedophiles

You know, a few weeks ago I went back on Twitter as myself, no fake name and all that shit as what most leftism jobs seem to do.

Not long ago I posted a comment replying to GB News’ Mercy Muroki on child abuse. My reply was ‘all #paedophiles should be hung’ and so a little while later #Twitter suspend me stating I broke terms and/or conditions of theirs!

Hmmm, pretty much any folks I know would agree all paedophiles should be hung, why would Twitter disagree? Ah but so, this dreadful event is extreme child abuse with huge failures involved, do Twitter have child abusers working within that shit organisation? It appears the ever more extreme the leftism’s go, then child abuse seems to run parallel with them.

Anyway, perhaps I should have been much more patient and said all child abusers should be hung? Just hang the lot, I can’t stand the fuckers, here is what I replied to yet got me suspended from twitter…

This is superb…

That is Why!

I need to be more of a reclusive hermit again, you know, away from most human beings. Sometimes I need to remind some folks I live with Sarcoidosis and mental health issues. Those folks remind me why I need to keep away from most folks. I have started to try the writing much more serious and see what happens, as the saying goes…

Watch this space…


Tokyo Olympics

I’m sure it is not just myself, this version of the Olympics really isn’t doing anything for me. Amongst things politics has got so involved with sport, the Olympics now do nothing for me.

Dr Martens

Well a new pair of boots arrived. I have worn ‘Docs’ most of my life with the yellow stitching join on the inside. The pair I received has the stitching join on the outside, ok if it overlapped neatly but the left boot doesn’t, arrggghhhh I hate sending stuff back…

Write Then!

Over the previous 15 years from when my site started, I have wrote so much about life, especially mine. It’s now that I should actually try writing short stories, a book worth maybe, try get the English Grammar and punctuation correct. I’ve been looking up writing groups local to me but, as of yet, nothing.

Courses are available online, I might try one though they can cost alot, maybe I just need a proof reader? Someone who can make sure the stories read correctly – in my mind they do but that is my chaotic and at times destructive mindset. The short stories will be a mix of fact and fiction in each one of them, the idea is to have the reader not know which is which.

Can it be done? I say it can with the old saying of ‘watch this space’

Watch this space!

I Almost Gave up…

…on this site, the host thing came up for the three year renewal bill, I came so close to letting it go but, firstly, I asked if a life long renewal can be bought, I’m advised it would be dodgy if that happened and I agree. This site has recorded so much history about life, my life and others, what many others must go through yet not be able to have some kind of record to it.

At this point of time I will not go into too much of my present issues, though later I will as I always have, my site would need to be started from the very beginning and not read in reverse to find so much out! Now, all I need to do is chronological reporting of life, mainly mine, doing regular updates while dropping in some of the current times, much of it is actually very pleasing.

The photograph attached to this ‘blog’ report is me from last week, lets see if any changes happen over the next year or so? I am 56, just a year behind Brad Pitt and two behind Tom Cruise.

Roger Waters The Wall, wow.

You know, I have never been keen on Pink Floyd, especially Roger Waters even though I had so much of their stuff and related to it.

Just watched ‘The Wall‘ on Netflix and wow. Something I did know, he lost his dad in world war 2, I never knew he lost his grandad in world war 1.

For me it starts to become so clear of the words to so many songs with the explanations of much in the movie.

I believe everyone should view it, even if your not a fan, it states so very well about the terrible shit that goes on through war and conflict. He certainly does not take sides.

War is just shit and achieves pretty much nothing apart from advances in technology.

I served in the Royal Air Force and very glad I did…

SRAM BB30 XX1 Crankset

Yes it is a carbon crankset! A few weeks ago I ordered this 170mm XX1 from StarBike.

Something I have started, about a year ago I finally put together a bike I liked (that is another story). Keeping it short, in 2010 I were diagnosed with Sarcoidosis have a read. Other stuff happened, it’s all somewhere on this site which started about 2006. I’m proper thankful the site started as I can now chat about living with Sarcoid and mental health issues.

Ah, the Sram crankset, beautiful, super light, smooth, perfect but, I ordered the wrong one! I were after a crankset for the hybrid, light and capable of a small chainring. I did not realise so much difference between MTB and Road cranks, I should, I started cycling in late 1977!

I guess at 56 I have so much to learn about the present day bikes. When I started everything was pretty much standard especially the bottom brackets. Reluctantly I am having to sell this new XX1 carbon crankset as I did fit it.

The service and communication with Starbike was actually great, I asked some questions before buying and got the appropriate answers pretty quickly. So, my issues are no fault at all to do with Starbike.

Best start the photos now eh…

The packaging I thought was great, it probably got opened at customs, though I really do not know how all that works.

Could it have been like some sort of Pandoro’s box? For the size I thought something else had been delivered yet a large box featherweight.

To be honest I were surprised just how nice and beautiful the carbon cranks are, absolutely gorgeous and glowing.

You can see just how shiny and reflective it all is. As I mentioned, I did install the cranks and peddled somewhat.

Inside also a gorgeous finish. The crank protectors are nice, though for my riding they are not something I really need.

Okay, too much flash back from my cooker but, you can clearly view the weight of 471g, brilliant.

To end this, at the 56 years of age and with various illnesses, maybe over eagerness, perhaps I should research properly! Cycling has and is changing so much. I finally found out I need the Sram Rival 1 x 11 with 170mm cranks. I think Sram are the worlds best single chainring set-ups. The thing is and as I believe, I can fit a 34 tooth chain ring on it, either the 5 bolt or the X sync, it’s ever so confusing still…

Whoops I Did it Again

I must be a magnet to these sort of situations…

So, went for my MOT check at the medical centre, to the post office to send a train engine in for repairing then down to the co-op on my bike. Mask on I went passed a lady with my back to her and she she said something. we passed again and she was still muttering on, I politely asked her to shut up.

I never have a problem with folks while at the co-op, most seem to have a ton of common sense, I went out to unlock and ride my bike home, she came out and was still muttering. I set off, she politely waited before opening her door and as usual I said thanks (to folks that do this).

She drove by quite close tapping on her horn so I gave her the ‘V’ sign, she pulled in so I stopped, she lowered her window and I noticed she were in tears, I said sorry for upsetting her and apologised again saying I do not like seeing folks upset, she set off.

I set off on a loop which I sometimes do, if I saw her I would really have been sorry even though I had done nothing wrong and so I’m simply saying it on here, no doubt I will bump into her again.