Twitter Defends paedophiles

You know, a few weeks ago I went back on Twitter as myself, no fake name and all that shit as what most leftism jobs seem to do.

Not long ago I posted a comment replying to GB News’ Mercy Muroki on child abuse. My reply was ‘all #paedophiles should be hung’ and so a little while later #Twitter suspend me stating I broke terms and/or conditions of theirs!

Hmmm, pretty much any folks I know would agree all paedophiles should be hung, why would Twitter disagree? Ah but so, this dreadful event is extreme child abuse with huge failures involved, do Twitter have child abusers working within that shit organisation? It appears the ever more extreme the leftism’s go, then child abuse seems to run parallel with them.

Anyway, perhaps I should have been much more patient and said all child abusers should be hung? Just hang the lot, I can’t stand the fuckers, here is what I replied to yet got me suspended from twitter…

This is superb…

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