I Almost Gave up…

…on this site, the host thing came up for the three year renewal bill, I came so close to letting it go but, firstly, I asked if a life long renewal can be bought, I’m advised it would be dodgy if that happened and I agree. This site has recorded so much history about life, my life and others, what many others must go through yet not be able to have some kind of record to it.

At this point of time I will not go into too much of my present issues, though later I will as I always have, my site would need to be started from the very beginning and not read in reverse to find so much out! Now, all I need to do is chronological reporting of life, mainly mine, doing regular updates while dropping in some of the current times, much of it is actually very pleasing.

The photograph attached to this ‘blog’ report is me from last week, lets see if any changes happen over the next year or so? I am 56, just a year behind Brad Pitt and two behind Tom Cruise.

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