Whoops I Did it Again

I must be a magnet to these sort of situations…

So, went for my MOT check at the medical centre, to the post office to send a train engine in for repairing then down to the co-op on my bike. Mask on I went passed a lady with my back to her and she she said something. we passed again and she was still muttering on, I politely asked her to shut up.

I never have a problem with folks while at the co-op, most seem to have a ton of common sense, I went out to unlock and ride my bike home, she came out and was still muttering. I set off, she politely waited before opening her door and as usual I said thanks (to folks that do this).

She drove by quite close tapping on her horn so I gave her the ‘V’ sign, she pulled in so I stopped, she lowered her window and I noticed she were in tears, I said sorry for upsetting her and apologised again saying I do not like seeing folks upset, she set off.

I set off on a loop which I sometimes do, if I saw her I would really have been sorry even though I had done nothing wrong and so I’m simply saying it on here, no doubt I will bump into her again.

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