New years resolution thingy

Im thinking about taking up smoking as my new years resolution, how to take up smoking is explained a little below the video, just to compliment the old habit of drinking, you see, its like this, erm…

Is it such a bad habit? if affordable then why not, more than too many do, hmmm, but do check out that middle finger of up yours, unintentional obviously but it points out quite well really!

To take up smoking then obviously start on the nicotine patches, then after about a month move onto those false cigarettes, then about a month after that start on the full blown tobacco.

By then maybe alcohol patches will be available? now that is a great idea, double JD and coke please, then stick it anywhere, what about pints of beer patches with good head?

I can’t believe I dropped to eight stone at that stage of my sarcoid.

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