Letting folks down

Tonight I let some pals down, they have been great over the years and I were looking forward to ‘mad Friday’ for the start of most folks Christmas break, I just struggle to explain. In April this 2012 my sarcoid attacked me big time, worse than the diagnosis of those early times, and so I pushed myself and we reckon its under control, great, get with Remploy Leeds and achieve a job that I proper like, I will keep this short, I am a one in ten, no silly not the UB40.

I appear to be doing what most of the rarest sarcoids unfortunately struggle to do, I have been given a chance to work, and somewhere that I enjoy, folks are great, humour is mad and, erm, yes they do blush me sometimes, but that is definitely a fair game?

Where were we? ah, I really am rare and pushing the limits, I need rest after a good weeks work, my head did say up until Thursday morning that perhaps I can do mad Friday, I learnt a lesson at the works ‘do’ in that I need to pretty much have minimal movement after a days work, oh it really is so difficult to explain, I really am enjoying work but my body packs in if I don’t rest enough.

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