How to be good and healthy orally

Its something that very many folks really do seem to be bad at, but with the aid of mechanics and gadgets, then no one should really have any excuse to lapse. You really need to find out what are the best types of head to get at all those hardest of areas, yet also decent small gadgets to slip in between;

This is an old head worn out, it probably went on far too long at about a year, once worn out then the bristles are not very good at scrubbing the teeth or gums.

Today I started on something that I have never had before, a double head for, for me, one goes in one direction while the other does another, very little gets wasted, very impressed, and in a pack of four, now im ready for my new tooth on 5th March 2013!

What we have here is lots of in-betweens, starting with the floss stick and pointer, this gets into the tightest of areas below the gum line, the first interdental tooth brush is a tiny 0.45mm, this can just about get below the gum line, the next size is 0.6mm which is ideal for the tight spaces between them there teeth, and finally the big size is 1.1mm, this fits brilliantly between those cranky teeth that I have… Oh, and before the floss stick on the left, yes appears a hair, this has nothing to do with looking after your oral hygiene, erm…

It was once said to me that a woman looks at teeth and shoes, and yes she did a couple of years as a dental hygienist before returning to M & S York, I wonder where now, and that she is now ok?

Last but not least, do not swallow, after swishing it around the mouth for about a minute then you must gargle and then spit, this should be done a couple of times per day, usually mid morning and at the evening.

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