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Amazingly bad parking here

I decided to start taking photos of terrible parking, I mean, a busy road and how are we truly expected to safely navigate around these vehicles?

Thing is though, these are business vehicles, it would be very easy to report them but im content posting bad parking on here, its abit of fun but what if I had a pushchair or pram?

I don’t know which is my favourite at the moment though!!!

Should sausages be pricked for cooking?

Its a question that seems somewhat poked alot, many say to let the fat cook the meat inside the sausage skin, yet many say poke the sausage allowing it to be cooked in the fat? Regardless of what the photo shows I do not prick my sausages, especially as these days they are getting much less fattier, so we are sold!?

Sleeping beauty from the Beeching era

The 1963 Beeching report suggested cutting back almost all the branch lines, about 5,000 miles of railway line and 2,363 stations, to keeping it short, he said all goods would eventually be transported by road, the short sightedness was that resulted in cluttered roads. Imagine how busy those branch lines would now be for commuters, although Sustrans are turning old lines into public ways, walking, cycling, horse riding, but they need to be maintained.

This sleeper probably has some real history behind it, its near the river Wharfe, possibly taken from the Ilkley to Skipton line after closure, the good news is that the now Embsay steam railway is hoping to extend from Bolton Abbey station to Addingham, but it would need to terminate before Addingham first school as that is now on the old route.

First two days at Leeds Remploy

Tuesday and Wednesday at Remploy in Leeds went really well, it was good to meet some others who do want to get into work, but for various reasons they struggle to get employment.

On Wednesday we had to complete a group task within 20 minutes, we had a few minutes to view – not touch – a Lego building, the idea was to build one exactly the same, but only once the original had been taken away, in the five years that they had run this group exercise it had never been completed, and now you are left thinking – yes our group completed it within 18 and a half minutes, first time ever and it was spot on, I broke into a mega sweat!

Sometimes its very clear on wanting to see as far as possible, from the top deck of the bus going to Leeds…

Higher tier ESA appeals latest

Well well, the higher courts in London have been in touch, they have asked for my full file, it seems they are possibly going to take it a little further, and absolutely as Atos have certainly got it wrong this time, as mentioned before on 2nd June 2011 I was not allowed to work, I were still awaiting heart, brain, lung, lymph node etc. scans and test’s. I will prove that the Atos assessment is flawed against sarcoidosis sufferers, especially those who end up chronic.

Hold onto your hats as it might get stormy…

Hospital appointment on Monday the 10th Sept 2012

It must be mentioned, I weren’t going to do but my Sarcoidosis is confirmed as active, that’s about a dozen or so in the whole Bradford district that have it like me, its not leaving so we are going to have to reduce the Prednisolone and see what happens due to me being on dosages of between 20mg and 40mg per day, this can not carry on, more scans coming up, I already knew really but its still bit of a shock having it confirmed.

One annoying thing, Atos failed me yet I have something quite serious that is chronic, I have things to ask and sort now as my appeal from 2nd June 2011 is at the higher courts in London, the thoughts are, should I start another claim for Employment and Support Allowance? the ESA offices and or Atos might be reading this, who knows, if so ‘You have got it massively wrong’

Quite some hail dropping here!!!

What a change in looks!

Somewhat of a tramp type looking here…

And then we slowly move on to…

Now we getting there, is it all as it seems?

But decided on keeping the erm, hair, or what is left! but one day…

Three chins, woah, scary stuff!

Check out this bad parking eh

And so which is the best way round that there van? some drivers really do park like what they must be, erm, idiots or stronger…

Last drop village

Me and Dad in 1985, I believe it were either granddads 70th birthday or his 50th wedding anniversary, jeez where all that time goes, keep hold of those close to you; absorb all the heat, feelings, touches and listen…

Jimi Marshall Hendrix

Something about this photo of the true gent, what would Jimi look and play like now?