Hospital appointment on Monday the 10th Sept 2012

It must be mentioned, I weren’t going to do but my Sarcoidosis is confirmed as active, that’s about a dozen or so in the whole Bradford district that have it like me, its not leaving so we are going to have to reduce the Prednisolone and see what happens due to me being on dosages of between 20mg and 40mg per day, this can not carry on, more scans coming up, I already knew really but its still bit of a shock having it confirmed.

One annoying thing, Atos failed me yet I have something quite serious that is chronic, I have things to ask and sort now as my appeal from 2nd June 2011 is at the higher courts in London, the thoughts are, should I start another claim for Employment and Support Allowance? the ESA offices and or Atos might be reading this, who knows, if so ‘You have got it massively wrong’

Quite some hail dropping here!!!

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