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Sleeping beauty from the Beeching era

The 1963 Beeching report suggested cutting back almost all the branch lines, about 5,000 miles of railway line and 2,363 stations, to keeping it short, he said all goods would eventually be transported by road, the short sightedness was that resulted in cluttered roads. Imagine how busy those branch lines would now be for commuters, although Sustrans are turning old lines into public ways, walking, cycling, horse riding, but they need to be maintained.

This sleeper probably has some real history behind it, its near the river Wharfe, possibly taken from the Ilkley to Skipton line after closure, the good news is that the now Embsay steam railway is hoping to extend from Bolton Abbey station to Addingham, but it would need to terminate before Addingham first school as that is now on the old route.

Seems a little rain keeps pouring down!

In this 2012 July, its just after June but also before August, well it seems we keep having some drizzle, I captured a some of the drops before they stopped…

Here we can see the rain crashing through the sun, yes, some amazing thoughts that the sun was actually shining, hmmm.

As I was looking to catch a walk, well, it started, this has been some of the heaviest rain I have seen while been at Low Mill village.


Most folks have heard about Blackpool but what about Morecambe? You can read some interesting facts about Morecambe, or as it was once known ‘Bradford by the sea.’ To enjoy this insight of all about then just click this link of Morecambe.

Poetry about wind and rain

A video poem all about the wind and rain, its out in the Wharfe Valley by the River. Maybe my accent plays a part of telling these times?

Bolton Abbey and the Strid Wood

A good little piece about this gorgeous spot in Yorkshire, UK. Some years ago myself, and sons Matt and Jacob had a visit in heavy rain to Bolton Abbey and the strid wood, click the link to view all about it.

A spring of white and green

A spring poem

Clearly through the tree, a snow line is seen.
A mixture of spring, with white and green.
Tree your standing, cold and bare.
While looking, and breathing this cold air.

Soon you will stand, bright and warm.
Leafs growing, from you in form.
Keep on pushing, just to get through.
A cold time to warm, with leafs of new.

Here you can find more nature poems.

This is terrific, but why?

And the view, well I feel it fits better than real life, oh, but it is!!!

Bike ride!

Today was my first bike ride of 2012, here are the details; Home, Ilkley, Nesfield, Addingham, Home, Dist; 10.69 Time; 1:05.57 Ave 9.7 A little breezy with the nice temperature and sun out. Keep an eye out for my eventual up and coming Sarcoidosis and exercise article.


Just noticed that this music video was not in my video page, it is now! superb song for all to view, and all about Malham cove is here.