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Sarcoidosis and Zero Vitamin D

I just don’t post enough, though I do tweet and hope folks get to see some? At the beginning of November 2015, I started a typical cycle of being shattered, fatigued, tiredness, exhausted etc. Went to the docs, mainly because I had hit quite a low mood (more on that later). He has been pretty good with me, anyway he suggested some extra bloods testing. Amazingly within a few hours the results were back, I have zero vitamin D in my body.

So, I’m prescribed Invita D3. Two be taken once per week…


I did my usual and researched this drug, guess what, it carries a warning that patients with Sarcoidosis must be treated with caution, the warning is pretty much that this medication can be dangerous for us sarcoids. So, zero vitamin D in sarcoids is dangerous, as are the meds to treat zero vitamin D in sarcoids, jeez.
Sarcoid and D3


After phoning Addingham surgery, the doctor returned my call, he went through his BMA manual and found the advice in some small print, he thanked me and we are going to try with half the dosage.

More growths are happening inside my feet, especially the ball of the right foot. It can feel like I’m constantly walking on pebbles, so I’m awaiting various scans for this.

I have never felt so tired, and fed up. The mental health team have got me in really quick; it took only two week. I know it can take some folks months. I’m going to be treated with Cognitive behavioral therapy (be careful how you key the CBT into the search engine – ouch!) which we hope will work along side a current medication of Fluoxetine. When I did see the doctors screen it appeared to have a red background, that is a first time.

Sometimes this would be the best way…

It’s shit, I swear.

The Magnum, live at Delius lived next door

Two videos of original tracks here, yet another brilliant up and coming young band from Bradford, are we about to see a resurgence of some greatly needed alternative rock and roll music from this country!?

I love how YouTube get rid of the shakiness, it adds a whole new dimension to these alternative songs, very impressed guys!

The Rook, live at the Ship Inn Mirfield 1st April 2013

At last, I’m posting a few songs by The Rook, now, the thing here is, not too much typing from me – shhh, but five superb original songs, these guys have what it takes, and beyond.

The Rook

Its not very often we view bands open up with an instrumental, especially original stuff, but it sounds like the guitar is telling the start to a story.

There you have it, very little writing on my behalf, left it to the music, again, superb are the words.

Folk night at the Swan Addingham

I forgot to mention, went to the Monday night folk sessions at the Swan, though im not a folk type musician it ended up being quite a good night, played five songs though I really must practice and get the fingers and vocals up to scratch! will attend again. Nice comments too thanks!

The View

Volume 11 live at Delius Bradford, this original track is simply brilliant, a young band simply going through the learning process to bigger better things, keep it going guys…

And a great version of Take Me Out;

1976 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Cherry Sunburst

You ever get the feeling that you need to be together forever? It happened for me in early 1986, the most perfect of shapes in that 1976 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe jumped out at me. Though worn on the edges the polishing still brings a fantastic glee to the surfaces. Get the full article here

I bet that you look good on the dancefloor

Superb couple of minutes sounding very underground indeed, carry on guys, your needed!


How to cook a whole chicken made easy recipe

A superb and easy dish here, chicken cooked whole nice easy and cheap! all the best cooking ideas carried out cheaply, on a budget then make it spread with these ideas, easy cooking for easy folks. A very nice and sound piece of music to compliment this gorgeous dish!

£3.07 – whole chicken.
£0.81 – smoked bacon rashes.
£0.74 – chicken savoury stuff.
£0.75 – 6 potatoes.
£0.56 – 5 carrots.
£1.10 – 3 parsnip.
£0.10 – cooking oil.
£0.15 – butter.

£7.28 what a brilliant price, it works out at less than £1 per meal, all fresh and healthy!

I’ll Find

My own composition titled I’ll Find. Maybe its a thought of I’ll find inner peace by piece, or should that be I’ll find inner piece by peace? either way both are a good road to finding inner space…

A little early to be recording yet the mood was right!

Led Zeppelin’s Rock and Roll, on acoustic!

A very different version was required, so here it is.