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Bolton Abbey and the Strid Wood

A good little piece about this gorgeous spot in Yorkshire, UK. Some years ago myself, and sons Matt and Jacob had a visit in heavy rain to Bolton Abbey and the strid wood, click the link to view all about it.

Friends and Sons.

A couple of years ago at my old home, a great version of this Led Zepplin song and dance!

How to make a scary movie.

This scary horror movie was recorded a few years ago, but only now have we dared to release it, enjoy…


Just noticed that this music video was not in my video page, it is now! superb song for all to view, and all about Malham cove is here.

Dust my Broom.

I believe, I believe my time will come…  We just missed some of the solo but I can tell you all-It was very very good, almost upto my standard son, he he. My illness must be affecting the way I speak ha, O’ and my sunglasses aren’t a part of the act!!!

Wonderwall, Volume 11…

More band members singing eh!!!  Good version, maybe I should do a full tab on this up and calling band.

My Jacob’s band.

I think this young lot have got something on the go here!!!

Seven Nation Army, Briggs lot!!!

Great vid…

When the Levee Breaks…

What a toothbrush…

Biggest badest bestest brush for teeth whitening.  You can also notice just how clear my mirror is?!

If you dont look after teeth then this happens…

Yak, but I still have the footwear-will sort teeth soon!!!