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Pet hates with some Proper hates

Thought I had blue though black is best.

That look, have I taken your seat?
Minus one to minus two whats that all about…

Fag ends on the floor especially those still smoking. What is so difficult in stubbing them out then throwing into a bin.
Prams pushed into the road as the parent woman – usually, looks at the phone trying to cross.
Sports folks spit, but they don’t go around in public areas getting the worse gunk out of their mouths onto the pavement.
A low kerb crossing blocked by some twatting big four wheel drive vehicle and on the road zigzagged out of school.
Women – erm, feminists that are just that when the time is ‘ok’ for them to be so.

Best blame some men now, but that’s a struggle…

Beards, those who don’t grow them, oh but I love dreads especially in a beard!

What brings you in here again?

I am, I’m not.

Those needing foodbanks, so much food goes to waste, a bent cucumber, a brown banana, fucking stupid isn’t it.
Homelessness anywhere.
Pretend poor, it’s such a struggle in poverty. Yeah, right eh – fuckers.
Terrorism, bullying, home alone, cruelty, extreme hate of any type.

Dammed 53 again, fuck right off.

Un – frozen dog shit gets slipped on, frozen just rolls with it!

The list goes on…

Me to those types mentioned.

Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP

A mindful poem

Demons appear without any warning
They stare at me like in mourning
All those noises are silently heard
Much preferring the early singing bird

Try my bike knowing I can’t play
Best go for a walk looking for Rose’
Keeping active is such a cover up
Look at Stu he’s such a crazy nut

On a guitar is it just a show
Me myself and I, we say no
27th July 1964
Until when, I don’t fucking know

Stay away
Free my day
Talk to me
Let me free

Today is again, it’s just a gain.

To be a Teenager

Early years and teenage times, but at what point do I mention those times – now! I started hanging around with teenagers when I was about 5-6 years old, running with those guys and missing a turning and falling what seemed like 6’ onto the old railway tracks, amazingly I landed on a mattress, they came back and I can remember them saying “he’s not moving is he ok?” I opened my eyes and up and off we went – I had fallen some way over the wall and landed on a mattress… I so wanted to be a teenager!

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1976 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Cherry Sunburst

You ever get the feeling that you need to be together forever? It happened for me in early 1986, the most perfect of shapes in that 1976 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe jumped out at me. Though worn on the edges the polishing still brings a fantastic glee to the surfaces. Get the full article here

Poetry about wind and rain

A video poem all about the wind and rain, its out in the Wharfe Valley by the River. Maybe my accent plays a part of telling these times?

What turns a man off in a woman

If we have to be ever so straight to the point then here are my top ten turn offs, although they would be in any order, they certainly are not mentioned to upset any folks out there, it gets asked often and many skip over the question stating they’re not really too bothered, from my experiences it really does matter, if you think of turn offs too often when with a woman then the chances are she is not for you. Read it all in men’s top 10 turn off’s in a woman.

Alcoholic or bad habit, which is you?

Alcoholic or just bad habit?  It is quite a tough fine line, but what is that line?  A glass or two each night – what size glass.  A bottle or two each night – bottles of what.  Binge drinking “Oh I haven’t had a drink all week so I can have plenty tonight.”  It all started somewhere.

At what point can you be classed as having a bad alcohol habit, many folks say it just helps relax them after a stressful day either at work or with the kids or both.  I’m sure many folks can just have that relaxing drink when they get home and not progress after the one or two glasses of wine. Its all in alcoholic or bad habit.

Ever wondered how the infantry square worked?

Made famous through the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 the infantry square had actually been around since theRoman times.  So not only sinceWellingtons square – as it was also commonly known – but so much longer.

Described by Plutarch, the Roman legions would use a large full infantry square at the Battle of Carrhae against Parthia’s large cavalry; this though must not be confused with the arrows and spears protection square’s of the testudo formation, usually these had the shields side to side on all fronts and also overhead. Read the full article; history of the British infantry square.

Life long mates?

What creatures stay together for life without pounds, dollars, or euros!? materialistic wealth, does this really create security? we all certainly need cash flow and for those who say money doesn’t matter – it does!!! but it rings to thought of others that do stay together throughout a mating life, and I’m not talking human beings! The following creatures all stay together throughout life’s journey, a journey that can have difficulties mainly brought by those who struggle to stay together, Humans… Check out which animals and creatures mate and stay together for life.