Election 2015

So, tonight (Thursday) it is the live debate of the seven main parties. Will they tell the truth and give honest answers? For me the two main issues are…

1; getting rid of the dreadful bedroom tax, especially for the disabled, ill, and vulnerable.

2; through my experiences and where possible, equal parenting should be given after a divorce/separation etc.

Will any of those two questions be asked, and if so will the answers actually be answers and not answered with a question.

I have pretty much voted Labour all my life, but this time I just don’t know, they are all so similar. Even the Greens are out of touch. Maybe this time I vote for the likes of Yorkshire First? After-all, all parties started somewhere and the next 10 – 20 years is going to see some massive changes in the world and certainly in the UK. Just on a tangent, is that why the British government have ordered almost 600 armored vehicles. I would say these are street vehicles for the UK, whats coming eh…

Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP

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