Mike Harding on the NO vote…

What a write up, I couldn’t have wrote it better, but I would have used fuck instead of feck…

“At Mancs Airport heading for the Clifden Arts Festival – looks like my old chum Maartin Allcock is joining me for a few days – bring a bazouki or three Maart.
I woke at 5 am and checked the news – as I expected the No vote took it.
I’m disappointed for all my Yes friends in Scotland who saw this as a genuine chance for change. We need change – we all of us need change – we need to break free of the Westminster Bubble with its career politicians and its revolving doors where lobbyists get safe seats and MPs get directorships in firms they were bought by. The whole stinking corrupt pool of vomit that is London and the City of London needs reform. The citadel of privilege that is the Eton / Bullingdon / House of Windsor Establishment needs tearing down.
Lick your wounds Scotland and help us poor buggers south of the border to overturn the Austerity Barons, the men who are selling off the NHS, the lawmakers who are trying to destroy the Unions – the only recourse many of us have to help. We need a massive sea change and we need to shake up the body politic so that it never forgets that we elect them to serve us – we don’t elect them to tell us what to do, to sell of all our rights, to marketise our education and our health.
We haven’t time to form a new political party before the next election but we are going to have to vote for the least nasty of those we have got. If the Labour Party pledge to overturn the Coalition’s policies and overturn the Austerity measures / if it offers to tax the City until it squeals (so the bankers are going to feck off? Then let them – there are plenty of able men and women who can take their places and they haven’t exactly done a great job have they?) – and if they come up with a philosophy that is not “relaxed about people becoming stinking rich ” (Mandleson) then they might just find that people will vote for them.
The people of Scotland who voted Yes voted in the main I believe for a fairer more just society that doesn’t reward the greedy and powerful while it punishes the powerless. Scotland you can be proud of the way you engaged with the issues, proud of the passion and the anger you felt. You gave us John Mclean, Kier Hardy, James Connolly and in more recent times men of principle like John Smith and Robin Cook. Stick with us, lick your wounds and let all of us work together to get rid of the Plutocrats and the Oligarchs, the City Boys and their Placemen in 2015.

And to any Tory Trolls that are at this moment tapping away like demented feckin’ woodpeckers ready to scream at me that I am a “champagne socialist” or a “loony lefty” let me tell you that I will not accord you the dignity of a reply but will bin any posts you make. Life is too short to duel intellectually with the brain dead. Capitalism and your right wing creed is tearing up our world and serving what’s left of it on a plate to your masters. Feck you.

My last words – Scotland you were brave not just yesterday but right through this campaign. You frightened the Bullingdon mob enough for them to fly up to Caledonia bricking themselves. Stick with us and let’s fight together to make a genuine change in 2015.”

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