Should I be Bemused?

Recently I have posted about the political parties. It’s amusing how folks can pick up on one, and then accuse you of taking sides with that party?! The most recent posts are below, they are using satire, wit, and my view. Now, if anyone thinks otherwise then no problem, you decide who I’m going to vote for as me, myself, and I, we really don’t know! In order here they are…

Will folks not understand that @Nigel_Farage of @UKIP is stating what most are thinking, yet they all get classed as racist bigots, huh…

Got @NicolaSturgeon of @theSNP on my mind. I’m still wondering how high those heels were? Is it true you have a pierced nipple?

It’s such a piercing stare isn’t it? When @Ed_Miliband of @UKLabour finds the camera on him, that look down the lens is scary…

Actually, @natalieben of @TheGreenParty you did quite well Thursday, but if we get rid of nukes the ‘conventional’ defense needs investment.

It has to be said @LeanneWood of @Plaid_Cymru that, erm, your ideas would only work in a 3 – 5 party coalition, far from impossible!

Huh, then we have @David_Cameron of, huh @Conservatives and that other erm, oh @nick_clegg of huh @LibDems your time is over #fuckers

And this chap even got it wrong!

Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP

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