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The following is my reply to Harriet Harman;

Hello sender.

I very much doubt it is H.H. that sent the email. Thursday, if I vote it might be the Green’s or Ukip or Respect or whatever… Next year, well, Labour need to do an awful lot more to prove they are in touch with the millions of working class folks on the minimum wage, more so, those on less than £10/hour.

With the wealthy growing at a rate of 15%/year and worth hundreds of £billions then a decent living wage should be £10/hour.

You have no idea how difficult trying to make ends meet actually is.

Three years ago I had an ATOS assesment as I had just been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. It is making me shake just typing how hideous that meeting was, the ATOS assesor had never heard of sarcoidosis, how can they assess me to fail? My medics went nuts…

I have pretty much voted labour all my life but never have you been so conservative. You do not have any ‘real’ policies that will help us surviving, surviving with the help of charities.

I doubt I will get a personal reply. Within a few months I will be going through that stupendous system as my sarcoid has blown up – again. Even Remploy were surprised at my failing the assesment, yes they got me employment but it caused illness.

My rent has just gone up by 9%, and all the other expenses. Ssafa have been great.

I’m now getting annoyed.

Good bye.

Stuart Briggs.

Mobile number is supplied.

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