To debate, acknowledge, or not to, that is the question?

I posted this to a Facebook friend, he tirelessly raises superb debates…

“I admire many of your recent post’s ****, you are saying what a massive % of folks are thinking. It was asked on here (your page) If I was a supporter of a chap called Don Trump, after absolute minimal research, Don Trump is simply a version of Nigel Farage, and is saying what many dare not say. You ****, like me, do say as we feel, right, wrong, loads of in-betweens, but we can debate, we can acknowledge others views, where as a very few who answer you can’t = facists. Your a brave man and I admire you.”

Oh, facists as they only have their own views, and no way will they acknowledge others.

Anyone find a problem with this photo?
All the men have a brolly, and the women huddle like penguins…

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