And so the United Kingdom voted out…

I did say I would try to go about a week without doing politics. In that week it’s been amazing for the UK. We’ve had campaigners in the remain camp just being abusive to the leavers, look, a democratic vote happened, the vote was leave, and behold a few remain took to the streets and social media not accepting democracy = fascist.

The scare tactic to those ‘naive’ remain campers has not materialised. The markets are back, soon the pound will be, the countries that threatened brexit would be a problem are, and have been proved wrong! This is where it can get confusing. Most folks think fascism is from those hard core right wing lots, but, and has now been proved, a daft few of remain took to the streets and any media, to try get their way – that my friends, is fascism.

So much was mentioned about Nigel Farage in front of that dammed poster, yet not alot was mentioned about the dreadfully racist poster; skinhead v old Asian lady on a see-saw, just terrible…


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