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A few things but really

Its a big test, the cold is indeed getting colder! Friday’s are dress down times at work but I think it might well be a good thick wool jumper with tee-shirt underneath and dress up with those Doc Marten dealers! the cotton shirt will help keep me cool if it gets too warm, wool really does have the same properties in the warm as cold, hmmm, you get my drift? me too!

When sheep dress down they feel so cool, and I suspect they think they look so too? mind you, it is a little out of control for them, sometimes maybe they do feel like that shot in the dark?

Not to worry, just keep on pushing and if you try sometime you just might find, you get what you need, bah, or something else of being equivalent in-between…?

Jeez, you remember them? yes some pretty vacant in-between those there sideburns, or as was pointed out to me, the teddy boys called them sideboards, either way they kept my face warm like sheep, erm, forgotten where we were, ah ha, that’s it, keeping warm…