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Happy 21st birthday son

Well, one thing is for sure and that is; time never stops, feels like it gets faster, and faster, and faster…

A nice erm, foot?

Its like, how much am I supposed to suffer before many, a very many folks believe me? I’m going to keep this simple with very minimal writing, photos should tell a little. Sarcoidosis mimics, masks, & mutates any other condition, known, and unknown. The following three photos are of my left foot. Oh, its only physical pain, that I can take, as for the mental trauma, that I struggle with.
Fuck feet one
Fuck feet two
Fuck feet three
This shit is real. I never ever expected to get stupidly ill at 45 years of age. Tried work through the brilliant Remploy, my body packed in. The UK’s welfare finally accepted what ‘all’ the medics were stating, and even backdated this.
Sarcoidosis is a cousin of cancer, but the names are very different and can grow anywhere upon within me without any form of warning. For the non believers, I’ve had enough of you, so fuck right off…

Fucked up feet.

My feet are fucked, more later, but: Today, 30th October 2015, I collected my two pair of spectacles. Now, proper odd, as once I arrived in Leeds, my sense of direction went really weird. Eventually I found the Boots opticians entrance, then walked into the entrance to the left! What a fucking knob, so panicking I got sweaty, rushed out and turned to the mediate left: Boots…
My turn
These are they. The pair at the top are my reading ones, they are too tight. Boots knew this but I had to leave asap. I will return for them adjusting, but thinking if I learn better, then my medics advice to use sunglasses at all times can be in-cooperated?

It can really be a struggle to explain

After some treatment, last Monday a UK top ‘skin’ professor told me well done. This shit can grow anywhere in and/or out of me. Spread the Fucking word folks Ffs. Yet just please understand; There is more chance of remission with cancer. We don’t say this because we get attacked when we do, but we are looking at a reduced lifespan.


One of my ‘pet’ hates, is simply when folks compare illnesses and death. Illness and death is not a competition.

Facebook is shit!

Short before a storm. I reduced that Facebook friends thingy from over 500 to about 100. I post about facts, proper facts, about folks thoughts, proper thoughts, yet various twaTs report some of this, then I get taken down, until FB see I’m reasonable. I’ve had enough of Facebook and those who report me. I hope some of those I have remaining find me on here – my site, and/or through Twitter. Facebook is truly shit for folks like me. As for you twaTing ‘do gooders’ fuck off from my life – cunTs. I’m also so much more annoyed as my Sarcoidosis page is growing so much, arrggghhhh…

Update, erm oh, Facebook crashed, sorry folks, but I had a nice rant though!

Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP


Here I am, left this alone for a while as I’ve been somewhat worried that sarcoid was on my heart. And here are the results…

I’m so so chuffed.

Outdoor furniture

Sometime’s very good natured folk’s leave chairs in reminder of who they are, were? More and more pubs are using outdoor furniture. Yet locally we are having a purge in patio and outdoor furniture stolen. It is so annoying that these low life scum destroy other folk’s good will. Proper pisses me off…

Chair 1
During May this year a nice chair appeared, and then…

Chair 2
It’s gone. Seemingly some twats have stolen it. But I could be wrong?

Obviously I’m a twating scrounger

The last few weeks I’ve had some folks say (obviously indirect, & direct), I’m some kind of scrounger – annoyed is an understatement. I have invited a very many folks to live with me for a month, I doubt they would last a week. Anyway’s, you lot need to understand ‘Spike.’

Please get off your ‘dear’ right wing of hard core and understand? Oh, shhh, it will come to you – good luck.


Breaking Through

A magical tune, just close those eyes and feel the energy of peace…

Heron 2

Those appointments

The hospital consultant doesn’t think my heart problem is related to sarcoid (hope it isn’t, phew), so we wait for the days testing on 7th July. Told the doctor of my bizarre world, they seemed to get worse a few months ago when the Azathioprine dosage got doubled to 100mg/day, proper bonkers? And, it’s referred back to one of the top skin specialist’ at Yorkshire clinic as them damn feet, arrggghhhh. Oh, as for the heart, I would prefer meds rather than a pacemaker, I just think my body might reject? a pacemaker?
Warm rain