You know how assignments, stories and films etc usually have an intro, well I guess that’s something that should be done here?

These stories are just taking you through life as I knew it, its not supposed to read of being like a very un-happy childhood. I wasn’t abused or anything like that but it was an up-bringing that many many children go through and continue the cycle when they reach the same points in life, not many people can break cycles whatever that bad or good cycle might be:


The list is huge. If a bad cycle can be snapped then the generations after can look forward to a possible good life, But in some cases if generations are brought up in good cycles then they sometimes want to snap that cycle?

I believe in talking, listening, involvement and writing. I feel sure if this is the case then something I call ‘Life Sciences’ can help folks get through problems and hopefully not stray…  Its going to take a few chapters more than what I planned to get to “Hear” I Am!!!


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