Poems 2

Dont Know?

 A lady so nice on balanced line.
Looks after folks at the end of time.
Deserving so much from the space.
Thats left behind this human race.
Most times its hard to open up.
May be the doors are proper shut.
But carry on doing as you do.
You know who you are…

It Could, Could’nt it?

 The pain that holds deep between eyes.
Constantly thinking of all those whys.
A trip while walking in the dark.
Annoyed lonely time on the mark.
Do you really know what its like.
Laid asleep thinking through the night.
Of how to keep a stable mind.
Yes its me Stu-and im kind.
One day that time it will come.
Walking, seeing, and not to run.


 Sitting gazin at that machine.
Just to get on was so keen.
6 long years it had been.
A perfect balance, A range of mean.
A must of trying is very hard.
Difficult so is a whole 9 yard.
Sitting there at that machine.
Like Malham was it a dream?


 It just happened, im not obsessed.
Try I did to avoid, did I try my best?
Eyes Iv not seen before, Eyes Id never seen.
Eyes Iv not seen since, was they just a dream?

 Get onto a plane, Get into a train.
Run into the woods, Eyes I saw again?
Im not obsessed, I fell in that instant.
I feel depressed, as your now so distant?…

Low Gas

 Years are long feeling lost, Today its snowing.
Everywhere is white and clear, Does it become a silver lining?
Only time will truelly Show?
In the distance I see it glow…

 They are many of us, Who can just sit & look?
But Im lucky? I write & sing from my book.
So many remain lost.
To be born at such a cost?

 When the heats gone, Then nothing is left.
Tightly around you its wrapped, Slowing ‘things’ down?
You have no escape.
You can see the empty plate.

 Better go get some gas, But the electric is low.
I shall split what I have? and hang onto my home?
One day I will move away.
From memories of Yesterday?

 Too many…

Reverse it.

 Its a loud silence, Silence is loud.
More is less, Less is more?
Nothing spread everywhere, Everywhere is nothing?
Its rotten to the core, can that be sure?

 So much said in reverse, So what should we believe?
Go with your heart, Iv tried that and failed.
Follow your mind, But then its confused?
Silence is loud, Its a loud silence.

07 End of

 Xmas 07 its the 20th.
The trees still not up.
Wondering if its all the ‘worth’.
Feel like throwing in the ‘cut’.

 But its due up on the 22nd?
Its late but thats life?
I just thought Id so weakened.
Xmas time its always rife.

 Look forward to the 25th.
Though expecting worse ever?
Trying really to break a myth?
Good times come to good? never…

Good times come to bad it seems.
I dont want to be alone.
Together I need to hold my seams.
Its me sat in my home…

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