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I’v just found an old poem book.

This is ’43’,  I wonder who watches???!!!

Two red and one white.
Just remember-dont loose site.
Stay focussed on where your going.
Though sometimes do try slowing.

If no white and three red.
Would that be bottles? Yes I said!
So much to share and give too.
Not talking bottles its love from Stu!

I think its pretty decent-I would say that though!!!

Hear it is.

When I wrote this, you were 40.
As you read it, you are 41.
So its a birthday, just 1 year on.
A few words, a poem defo not sung!

“No crows claws yet”…
Monday 8th you did say.
Do not worry when?
As this 9ths your birthday.

For folks in charge.
Should poems really be wrote?
Ah why not-as you have.
That deeper blue coat…

Happeeee birthday Gina.
Afraid cards aren’t good from me.
I’d try write too many.
And strip a good old tree…

Coffee or Tea???




What a few week, so many good stuff gone on-bonkers really…

A poem was decided not too.
Make things up for you.
A bear is falling from my mind.
Happiness really is devine.
Enjoy all that brings.
I must now end, on mind things…

Life is moving in a great direction…

Hey, I cant wait for the new position, I will form the school rock band… Watch it!!!

A bit early but…

Yes a poem for Valentines day, its abit early but I might not have chance on the day, and is Valentines ment to be about folks special whether they still in our lifes or not???…

In the carpark a special hug.
After chatting over some Bud.
Strange feelings driving home that night.
Something too good caused a fright.
A card and flowers cant be given.
But thoughts of you wrapped in a ribbon.
Make me smile dreaming of true.
Valentine kisses all blown to you.

You know, im sure lots of folks out there with the same thoughts, but they dont allow something good to shine through.  The world would be a better place if folks only tried.  Yes I still hope that nice kind woman comes into my life, That special click…

Another poem time.

The title I dont know?

No longer can you feel pain.
When drunk with all the hurt.
Pushing friends away?
Talking of lifes constant hard work.

So folks want this material life.
Headstrong & upright with no fault.
What of then when is all squeezed out.
Confidence battered cant look at owt.

Oh to have that level life.
Thinking your high but in that trough.
A windy ridge shouting through hair.
Feelings of full yes they was?

I doubt this will become a song but I think its about what chance have we folks really got that have been completly trampled on, we just need a break in life… not materials of like but nice emotions to feel again.

Finally got my poem for the ‘Drink alone’ song.

Drink alone.

In a bottle in a box or in a tin.
Is this what we call meditatin.
In a bottle in a box or in a tin.
Is this really called my medicin.

I dont know, but I care, whats in there.

Just another one and then i’ll be done.
Order my takeaway and it will soon come.
Just another one and then i’ll be done.
Had my takeaway now this aint fun.

I dont know, but I care, whats in them.


In a bottle in a box or in a tin.
This really is my medicin.
In a bottle in a box or in a tin.
This is a fight that I must win.

I dont know, but I care, its shit I swear.

Not bad i reckon- hick hick hick!!!

A few Poems.

Im gonna be changing the Poems section to abit more like ‘My Story’ section, and by the way more Chapters will be added during Jan!!!


Sitting gazin at that machine.
Just to get on was so keen.
6 long years it had been.
A perfect balance, A range of mean.
A must of trying is very hard.
Difficult so is a whole 9 yard.
Sitting there at that machine.
Like Malham was it a dream?

Dont Know:

A lady so nice on balanced line.
Looks after folks at the end of time.
Deserving so much from the space.
Thats left behind this human race.
Most times its hard to open up.
May be the doors are proper shut.
But carry on doing as you do.
You know who you are…

It could:

The pain that holds deep between eyes.
Constantly thinking of all those whys.
A trip while walking in the dark.
Annoyed lonely time on the mark.
Do you really know what its like.
Laid asleep thinking through the night.
Of how to keep a stable mind.
Yes its me Stu-and im kind.
One day that time it will come.
Walking, seeing, and not to run.

Cant stop writing them…

You know?

Poem eh!!!

Folks carry beliefs in wait.
While mind thoughts can create.
Thoughts of how we would like.
To get on without a strike.
A tired heart beats so fast.
A heart cant mend in a cast.
On a beach released of grey.
Being good is a natural say.
But you know..
None are perfect.

Iv not gone anywhere…

Lots to load up, just been very busy and my gorgeous ‘X’ wife has got the CSA onto me again, last time they wanted 44%, the new system says we should sort it between us, she has refused… hey great stuff 44% again I could really loose my house;

Depression, regression, thats what they always say.

Confession, impression, I made my self pay.

Countries Systematic Asses, thats the CSA.

Countires Systematic Asses, you helped me loose my way… Bastards.

A poem.

A friends boss is soon getting married, I just did a small verse;

Give me your hand, give me your eyes.
We shall never say our good byes.
True love doesnt soften.
It doesnt come often.

I love you and can now dry my cries.