A few Poems.

Im gonna be changing the Poems section to abit more like ‘My Story’ section, and by the way more Chapters will be added during Jan!!!


Sitting gazin at that machine.
Just to get on was so keen.
6 long years it had been.
A perfect balance, A range of mean.
A must of trying is very hard.
Difficult so is a whole 9 yard.
Sitting there at that machine.
Like Malham was it a dream?

Dont Know:

A lady so nice on balanced line.
Looks after folks at the end of time.
Deserving so much from the space.
Thats left behind this human race.
Most times its hard to open up.
May be the doors are proper shut.
But carry on doing as you do.
You know who you are…

It could:

The pain that holds deep between eyes.
Constantly thinking of all those whys.
A trip while walking in the dark.
Annoyed lonely time on the mark.
Do you really know what its like.
Laid asleep thinking through the night.
Of how to keep a stable mind.
Yes its me Stu-and im kind.
One day that time it will come.
Walking, seeing, and not to run.

Cant stop writing them…

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