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Site problems

Two menus and the pages within have disappeared, some pages have also vanished, unsure why?

It is still a positive know though…

How to eat a tin of encore shrimp and tuna cat food made easy

Does this really need much explaining? Because they were on offer, I accidently ended up ordering and purchasing cat food! The price was buy five for the price of three. I thought it was a bargain buy, though I did think they were tins of shrimp. Is Encore cat food fit for human consumption…

Positive Know

This song, well riff, has been on my mind for a couple of years, finally put some lyrics together for it! yet another Stusrt Briggs classic and waiting to be signed up, erm… I read the words from the bottom up, they sort fit, once its been played a few times then I will re-master it, ha…

More of The Rook

Some songs just keep going around my mind, thing is, usually its from bands that are well known, but these days its from this brilliant up and coming band from West Yorkshire, if you have not already had the pleasure to view them then here are a couple of videos from earlier, turn it up! Keep at it guys!

Not many bands do instrumentals these days, and certainly not as good that!

Absolutely brilliant stuff.

Own Blues by The Rook

Tell you what, this is superb, its got everything. Too many bands these days are letting the blues die, but here we have their ‘Own Blues’ of nice, loud, clear, distorted, ripping it to pieces brilliance, from this young up and coming band here is ‘Own Blues’…

Playing lead guitar with cyclist band 53/12

In 2006 the band I played bass guitar in (Somerset Avenue) had to give up due to our singer Paul getting cancer, unfortunately he died in 2010. Some of my old pals in the cycling band ’53/12′ were looking for a new lead guitarist, and so I joined them, we managed a good few gigs in a couple of years before I left them, my head went one way and so I had to follow it! Couple of videos here, …

The introduction was well funny, Saltaire festival in Roberts Park, 0nce I turned my amp up it sounded great! good fun, and then some huge beers with Paul, Martin and ‘Elvis’ my sons Jacob and Matthew were there too, but not for the beer!!!

This was at the East Bradford Cycling Club dinner and awards night. The first time I went to the awards was back in 1979! I can never stand still when performing, love it and need another band, punk rock blues, probably a trio, as trios are easier to control, oh, Cream were out of control.

Birdfight at the bus stop

The other morning these two pigeons were having a right fight, quite viscous really, a little unclear but they would open their wings right out and then launch their feet at each other, or maybe I was wrong and they were having a mating session?!

Ankle dots

Most of us sarcoids know we can have skin problems, especially the red ankle blemishes that can reach pretty near to the knees. Just lately I have got dots appearing on my ankles, these dots are just where the acupuncture needles were stabbed into my tendinitis ankles, they tried but it just didn’t work.

I have gone off the subject a little, its very unusual for me to go on tangents but it can happen, in fact if you can talk in tangents it is possibly to hold many in flesh person conversations at the same time, not online as that’s easy, sometimes I think that talking in tangents is just a phenomena that folks are trying to use just to make them appear confusing, therefore attractive to other souls who might need away out of being confused, you know the type…

Holding on the 12 String

First attempt at this Stuart Briggs masterpeace on the 12 string, not too bad really, a little iffy at first but once into it then it really touches certain nerves, recorded on fathers day 2013…

The Best Relaxing Bubble Wrap Therapy

Having problems in life? then simply follow these simple instructions…

Think I deserve a ‘Dafta’ or ‘Asscar’ for this performance, very realistic indeed!