Playing lead guitar with cyclist band 53/12

In 2006 the band I played bass guitar in (Somerset Avenue) had to give up due to our singer Paul getting cancer, unfortunately he died in 2010. Some of my old pals in the cycling band ’53/12′ were looking for a new lead guitarist, and so I joined them, we managed a good few gigs in a couple of years before I left them, my head went one way and so I had to follow it! Couple of videos here, …

The introduction was well funny, Saltaire festival in Roberts Park, 0nce I turned my amp up it sounded great! good fun, and then some huge beers with Paul, Martin and ‘Elvis’ my sons Jacob and Matthew were there too, but not for the beer!!!

This was at the East Bradford Cycling Club dinner and awards night. The first time I went to the awards was back in 1979! I can never stand still when performing, love it and need another band, punk rock blues, probably a trio, as trios are easier to control, oh, Cream were out of control.

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