12:00 midday Monday 19th August

That is quite an important time of an important day, its my redundancy meeting. I have invited Remploy to attend, thing is, its the first time I have faced redundancy, what is particularly disappointing is that I got this employment through the Leeds Remploy branch as I have a serious chronic illness (medics terms, not mine!). To be giving a redundancy notice after many promises of how I could progress is kind of not what I expected.

After Enterprise were taken over by Amey, I knew that my particular team would face some kind of disbandment, but I thought progression for myself. Progression was mentioned during my initial interview and through phone calls before I started (I had other opportunities), hmmm. Progression, I had a couple of internal interviews with NGN, and before one of those interviews I was told who it was ‘earmarked’ for, obviously this was declined, but it turned out to be true! Being honest I was sort of glad I did not succeed within that position, for various reasons I really would like to stay within Amey, after all, they actually have been very good with me.

And so the meeting, other positions will be mentioned, I would still like to progress, but I am in my realistic world of Sarcoidosis. It is supposed to be none active, but, something is going on, even folks at work mention I am losing weight, ah, yes the meeting, fingers crossed.

I hope my passion for freedom of speech does not have a negative outcome, various work colleagues will have read this as it is noticed a few do. Included with my qualifications I have;

HNC Technology and Management.
Plumbing level two up to level three gas and water pressure systems.
Nebs management certificate.
NVQ Level two health and social care.
Intense 5Cs training through the SMMT.

They are some going, and should be, especially within the gas utilities industry, someone mention progression?

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