Blues Bar jam, 10th Sept 2007.

Good to see you Russ…! Well, before i get on about the jam, i must apologise for my previous ‘jam’ blogs, i’ve not yet mentioned just how good and varied the other musicians are… AMAZING is all i can say, all those folks are ace and i feel good to be apart of the jam nights, Thank you. Right, on acoustic i played; ’20th century boy’ , ‘You cant always get what you want’ and ‘Let it bleed’ and yes its a very naughty song and i’ve never heard another band cover it so i sang and played it very very rude!!!

On electric we jammed; ‘Lets stick together’, ‘Wildthing’ and ‘Teenage Kicks’ and jam is defo the word as we really dint know what we was doing… ha, it was a right laugh… ‘Shaba’ She said and i say she will have to tell me what it really means!?

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