What do I say???

Hardly slept last night trying to work out what I cant work out;

Plumbing-Its proving very difficult to actually become this full time plumber, I dont have a second income to support me while I would get started, also the market appears ‘flooded’ with plumbers… I also dont have my Gas, you have to work for a CORGI reg company to get it. I will though carry on helping out folks as required.

Manufacturing-Shift working is the usual pattern, this is proving very difficult to slot in part time work around shifts and also it affects the time my boys can be with me, im searching hard for a day shift position.

My Boys-I have not been the best dad I should have been over the last 5 years, I do though have time to put that right but I need to be working on a steady day shift with a couple of evenings working part time. That opening Haworth pic is fantastic, I love and mis them loads and sorry.

Music-I have let my music slip alot this last 4 months, tobe honest I started getting bored and packed in the band with no intention of joining another until I sort some of the above issues out, I will do the occasional gig with or without backing tracks. Eventually I will go into the studio.

Datin scene-Im not wanting anything serious but It seems like most women want; Strong, Confident and Toned fellas, Im not-but I am; Genuine, Honest and very Trusting. Iv tried the Net (AFF), Papers, Mobile phone, Teletxt, Singles nights, Pubs and Clubs and now Iv got to the point of; Again, I cant be arsed.

In a shell; Engineering on day shift, some evening part time work, Plumbing as and when a friend needs help, Bored of music, and my big priority is to do as many good things with my boys-ASAP. Datin-go take a jump!!!

Rant finished.

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