CSA and the ‘X’

Well, You all know I lost my job on 5th Nov (I failed my probationary period) and Iv also mentioned Iv had about 20 jobs in 6 years.

One of the reasons Iv had so many jobs is the fact Iv found it very difficult to concentrate my thoughts on work when so much S**t is going on with the CSA and my fab ‘X’.

Last month we agreed to sort it direct, (£200 and that is an unofficial amount X couples seem to come to agree) but way hey the CSA sent a letter demanding I now pay £398.97 A month.

Over the last 6 years they have taken up to 43% of my earnings leaving me with minus figures, folks dont understand that I am stuck on the old calculation and not the ‘old’ recent 15, 20, or 25% calculations.  The CSA dont take into account: home improvement loans, credit cards, car loans etc  I had all these but had to re-mortgage to pay off them due to the minus figures.  Iv also (on occasions) come to within 4 weeks of loosing my (and my boys) home (my eldest son asked me this weekend what a mortgage was).

My X wife is a teacher but she seems to be stuck in the cuckoo land of her teaching, she has been and still is wicked, I would love to put into print (one day I will) just exactly the sick ‘things’ she put me through while having men? (how many) on the side…  Yes I wasnt perfect and on a couple of occasions wasnt nice…

She often says ‘you should have moved on now after 6years’  Hey surprise surprise thousands of single dads are going through the same S**t because (X’s + CSA = sub human creatures) the system  does’nt allow them to move on as a ‘proper’ dad or even human being.

How Id love to get on and afford the normal stuff a nice crazy normal dad deserves… inc a nice normal lady and not a wicked cheat…  Yes you bet your Assess im bitter to what these sub human  creatures RIP us through… Arghhh!!! Rant over, for now.

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