Good news!

Well, its about time but its not a job… yet, no its good news but to be honest I can only really mention what it is much later, and I will!!!

Tell you what though, Last Friday I went to a government funded survey called BioTech.  Its all voluntary but its finding out the health  of many folks between 40-69. The idea is to track folks till the end of life (and I hope mine is a long one!),  They then try find out how folks compare with illness’s etc-Its too much to write but you will never guess, I was deemed within the top 3% of health lol… I was gob-smacked as the last few years have somewhat not been very healthy.

yes amazed I was, one of the nurses plays Bass so I let him have a CD-I hope he hasnt thought about topping himself ha.

When I get a scanner I will print out my amazing results!!!

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