Ambulance trip to Airedale hospital

The last few posts have certainly been about the sarcoid, we know its active. On Friday the doctors not only wrote an initial sicknote for one month but have now started insisting that the main consultants get on with me best possible. This is the worse I have felt in over three years – jeez.

So comes Saturday, I felt absolutely dreadful, phoned 111 and they went through the tick list “you need to go to hostpital” and so the fast track responce car got to me and then ambulance. I told them not to send them both, I know what I have but need to see if they can help.

111 = you have what, fast responce vehicle = you have what, ambulance = you have what, hospital = you have what. At that point I discharged myself, not the hospitals fault but I did not want some junior doctor practicing some meds on me…

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