Just to be Clear…

Ok, various protests are happening after Mr Trump gets in. Like the ‘remoaners’ their protests can and are getting quite violent. Let me be clear, those feminist marches that are going on, they are so out of date. They march when it is in their best interests. Let me be even clearer, what if men decided to do a march, after all so much domestic abuse is against men. What about the rate of unreported injuries sustained by men from the woman?

Anyway, tangent rant over. I hold my own personal protests a few times per week, I give to charity and do help others. How many from the current feminist ‘protest’ do I think give to charity? a very few. If anyone is going to protest do not make it about your gender – female. The days of left, right, middle, sitting, standing, gender, everything is beautiful, make love not war etc. etc. those days are gone. Don’t forget, protesters of this type are middle and above ‘classes’ of which most do not give to charity.

Trump, listen, my main fears are for when a rogue nation, a terrorist group, some lone person who is fully pissed off etc. etc – again! When those idiots do and hey ho they will, when they get to finally release some kind of dirty bomb, absolute carnage and nightmare.

What then? You out of touch naive lot: Feminists, hippies, do-gooders, everything’s perfect and lovely etc. etc – again!! Again what then? Go sit outside a terrorist camp base or whatever and wait to be stoned or thrown off a building, ffs I’m bored with you all…

I’m off to hug a tree on this village named earth.

But don’t worry eh.


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