Health update

Once upon a time I posted some pretty funny shit on here, now it’s all about my health, life and politics.

Today I went to the dentist, they wanted to pull six teeth, I got them down to three and then decided no, I would rather pull two myself. A target is to have a first denture fit but and because of the sarcoidosis, I know I do not heal like a healthier person – I fear the dentures hugely.

Dentures irritate while settling in, I cannot risk any irritation as I know the sarcoid will have a bit of fun fucking me up so, I’m not going to do it. As in a previous post to this, the medics want to put me on some other mental health drugs, I spoke with my doctor and told him I’m not going to do it.

March 2017 was due to have had alot happen with me, so I decided to having nothing done, potentially it’s the most fucking fucked off I have been with my health since starting to be ill in my mid 40’s. Telling the dentist I simply would like my remaining 18 teeth to last for five years got a blank look.

No chance…


Thankfully, some of best and most calming musical compositions I’ve ever heard are here…

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