Social Media.

It’s shit. Years ago it was MySpace that went shit so most of ‘us’ jumped to Facebook, Well, I’m trying to get fully off. More often than not if I you share a post and’or an opinion then folks have a dig at you for not being on their side, these are usually on the left. The fascist far left have sort of cracked me, anything to the right of them then you’re a twat.

These type of persons are simply the happy clapping tree hugging posh hippies that are generally out of touch with reality because they live in a protective bubble. Then the similar lot that continue to post how brilliant their life is, that, for many folk’s like me simply make us feel inferior – give it a rest.

So I’m posting more on twitter, though it seems that platform is very similar but less folks slander you – lets see.

More though, social media platforms seem to be operated by said left-wing folks. It needs something new and impartial but I fear all those far left wing tech giants will make it very difficult, as do the media giant, oh, that’s another issue altogether.


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